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The dog park is open from 7 am to 10 pm. The restaurants have their own hours, please visit the individual restaurant websites linked on our website home page.

Drinks purchased at The Shacks are allowed in the park, but absolutely no glass is allowed for the safety of our pets.  Food purchased from any of our restaurants should be eaten outside of the fenced dog park area.  No outside food or drinks are allowed on the deck or within the dog park, with the exception of dog birthday cakes, which may be brought onto the deck area if you also purchase people food at our restaurants.


No reservations allowed in common areas (deck, park). Contact restaurants for possible indoor or covered patio reservations.

You can view our current event schedule on the Events page or our Facebook page. Since this is an outdoor venue, events are subject to change due to weather.

The dog park is right at one-acre and is completely off-leash.  We have separate areas for both large and small breeds, with both zones including benches and play structures.

Let’s just all try and get along!  We ask for common courtesy from both our pets and our pet owners, but there is also a full list of rules posted on the gate and on our website, here: Dog Park Rules.

If you have an issue with any other pet within the dog park, we ask that you contact The Colony Animal Control: 972-370-9250.

The Shacks does not have a central lost & found. Please contact the individual restaurant where your item was misplaced. 

While we have designed The Shacks Dog Park to drain water efficiently, assume the park will be muddy anytime there is significant rainfall.

Sure, but see above regarding reservations. Also, please note outside food and drinks are prohibited.

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This is such a fun place to get some food and take your dog. You can let your dog play in the dog park and chose from several different small restaurants. It would be a great place to take the family because everyone could get whatever type of food they want….