Dog Park Rules

– Dog Park is member use only
– Dog must be “leashed” when exiting the Dog Park
– Owners must remain on site at all times when dog is in the dog park
– You are responsible for the action of your dog
– Keep your dog under visual and voice control at all times
– Remove your dog from the park at the first sign of aggression
– Remove any prong or spiked collars before entering the park
– Fill in any hole that your dog digs
– Dogs must behave properly at all times
– No known dangerous or aggressive dogs
– No female dogs in heat
– No person with more than three dogs at one time
– Children under 12 years of age are strongly discouraged and must be under strict adult supervision
– No ‘people food’ allowed in the park
– No ‘dog food’ or treats allowed in the park
– No glass allowed in the park
– No outside toys allowed in the park
– No fundraisers can be conducted on property without prior approval

This dog park backs up to a natural wooded area.  When you visit the park, you are entering at your own risk.  The Property Owner is not responsible for any injury due to wildlife, insects or harmful plants.

Bacon’s Dog Park reserves the right to close the dog park at any time, with our without prior notice, for maintenance or weather-related issues.

Use of an off-leash site by any dog constitutes:
·         Implied consent of the owner or person having care, custody or control of the dog to comply with all conditions and regulations stated in this section or promulgated by the park board and posted at the off-leash site
·         A waiver of liability to the Property Owner and Operator by the pet owner or person having care, custody or control of the dog, and an agreement and undertaking to protect, indemnify, defend and hold the Property Owner harmless, for any injury or damage caused by the dog during any time that the dog is in the off-leash site.

Hours of Operation:
7am to 8pm (summer hours)

City of The Colony Animal Control:

For maintenance or gate lockouts call: